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Identify and Prioritize your Customers

Providing actionable insights to prioritize loyal consumers that increases lifetime value, brand affinity, and data fidelity.

Our Mission

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At BotNot, we care about your consumer. We know sorting through data and making sense of the data is not the standard definition of fun for some people.


Despite having the nicest tools, if your data is bad it leads to questionable decisions. If your friends were using bad data, would you use bad data too (definitely have not heard this before)? 

The first step for fixing bad data is empowering brands to prioritize your consumers over users with an unfair advantage (aka Bots) to ensure that your die-hard consumers get the product.

Our team is founded by people inundated with spreadsheets and beaten by sneaker bots one too many times. Irritated by the endless manual tasks of sorting through the data for insights and checking accuracy, we created BotNot to provide automated tools to better identify and prioritize your consumer!

Making Accurate Data Driven Decisions is Hard

Internet Traffic are Bots

US Employees Overwhelmed by Data at Work

2021 Black Friday Shoppers were Bots

Understanding Your Customer is Priceless




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    Manually reviewing data, verifying suspicious transactions, and creating programmatic campaigns are overwhelming your teams and keeping them from more profitable initiatives.

    Free Up Time

    Reduce Fraud Costs

    Fight the expensive, time-consuming process of verifying the legitimacy of orders.

    Understand the products, promotions, and features that drive consumer behavior to inform your business strategy.  

    Achieve Better Customer Insight

    Increase Revenue

    Reward your most loyal customers and ensure that they are prioritized.

    Improve Customer Relationships

    Eliminate Bad Data

    Identify and categorize your consumers to enable you to make the most informed decisions.

    Generate higher revenue by prioritizing your consumers to increase brand affinity, lifetime value, and social sentiment.